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YCM-170  (mm)
90°      170 170 170×170
45°li.   130 130 130×150
60°li   75 75 75×75

YCM-170 Portable band saw│

Description :
Manual pull down cutting machine ,Max cutting capacity at 170 mm. miter cutting from 0° to 60° left
- Max Vice open 175 mm
- Adjustment of the blade tension from the front side of the saw-frame
- Steady and sturdy aluminum saw-frame, pulleys with 235mm diameter by cast iron
- Start-button inside the operation handle
- Motor available in single phase DC- motor with variable cutting speed by 1650W
- Cut without lubrication.
- Two protectors (one controlling amps other controlling temperature of the motor)
→Anti-reset safety function.
→Steady and sturdy aluminum base.
- Weight 35kg