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YCM-300  (mm)
0°      100 260 255 295×230
45°   80 240 215 225×215
60°   50 160 130 160×130
-45°   80 190 190 190×190

YCM-300 Auto Cut Double miter metal cutting band saw│

Description :
Auto-cut band saw, Max cutting capacity at 260 mm . miter cutting from 0° to 60° left and 0° to 45° right
- Quick clamping vice, equipped with quick short range sliding device. Max open 300 mm
- Adjustment of the blade tension from the front side of the saw-frame, checked by an tension gauge at Blade tension 1500 kg/cm2,
- blade guides with hard metal pads
- Start-button inside the operation handle
- 3-way selector: A. Manual cut, B. Fast drop of the saw-frame toward the material, C. Automatic cut with adjustable down-feed rate
- Cutting with cooling system
- Recede from two-support vise to increased cutting capacity to 330mm.
- Join the "BTS" (Bearing Turn System) on the swivel head of machine, could turn the saw-arm by 2 fingers.
- Easy to clean the chips with Moveable chips tank.

YCM-300 Manual Cut metal cutting band saw│

-Manual pull down saw-frame for cutting.