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YCM-300CNC  (mm)
0°      100 260 255 295×230 290×100
45°   80 240 215 225×215  
60°   50 160 130 160×130  

YCM-300 CNC Fully Automatic metal band sawing machine│

Description :
- A powerful automatic band saw for angular cuts , from 0° to 60° left.
- Angular cuts can be up to 45 degree in the automatic cycle, up to 60 degree in semi-automatic mode.
- Hydraulic system controls at both vices
- Feeder movements on chrome bars, high-precision of the positioning due to the incremental feeding on recirculating ball screw combine industrial servo-motor. Automatic calculation of the blade thickness.
- Easy stop at 0 , 45 , 60 Left
- Adjustment of the blade tension from the front side of the saw-frame, checked by an tension gauge at Blade tension 1500 kg/cm2
- Blade guides with hard metal pads, additional bearing for blade alignment
- Cast-iron sawframe with tubular section, pulleys 330mm diameter
- Mechanical device (position sensor) that allows the sawframe to lower quickly toward the material and detect automatically the start-cut point
- Tank with coolant electro-pump, hydraulic unit with oil.
- Easy to clean the chips with Moveable chips tank.
- Feeder vise with 300 mm opening, maximum moving length is 500 mm.
- Central control panel with big color touch screen(7")
- The control unit allows for programming of 20 programmers for quick setting of the feed length in repetitive production
- Connection for loading table with 2 vertical rollers